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On Friday, December 8, at the sixth annual conference for secondary peer tutors and writing center directors, the Capital Area Peer Tutoring Association (CAPTA) announced the exciting news of our expansion into a national organization for secondary school writing centers! Beginning January 1, CAPTA will formally begin the process of transitioning into the Secondary School Writing Centers Association (SSWCA), a national organization dedicated to promoting scholarship, community, and sustainability for Secondary School Writing Centers, their directors, and their tutors. Read our announcement here.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for CAPTA 2017 and to Colonial Forge tutor Bryant R. for capturing this group selfie for the third year in a row!

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The Secondary School Writing Centers Association (SSWCA) exists to build community among secondary school writing and learning center directors, tutors, and partners; promote advocacy for peer-driven programs that transform schools by empowering student leaders; and support development and sharing of resources for new and existing centers across the United States.

Learn more about who we are, join our organization, learn more about CAPTA events for tutors and writing center directors, read our blog, discover resources to help build and sustain your writing center, or like us on Facebook.

Questions? Contact us: capta.connects@gmail.com

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