CAPTA Connects Tutor Presentation Recap: “Linking the Present to the Future: The Transition from High School Tutoring to College Tutoring “

Over the next several weeks, we will be featuring Tutor Presentation Recaps from our 2015 Conference, CAPTA Connects. This recap is by Edison Writing Center tutors Brenna Coogan, a Senior, and Jhonie Geffa, a Junior.

How do writing center practices transition from the high school environment to the university environment? What skills do high school tutors need to work in a college writing center? Guided by these questions, two high school tutors explored the differences between tutoring at the high school and college levels while focusing on writing center practices, the application process, requirements, and training.

Through interviews with college writing center tutors and directors, presenters informed high school tutors of their potential options for continuing to tutor at the university level. To inform these tutors, presenters gathered information on local college writing centers. Presenters created a survey for Edison High School writing center tutors to inform them of questions or concerns about college writing centers. Next, they connected with college writing center tutors and directors and conducted interviews on tutoring practices, the application process, requirements, and training. Presenters interviewed former high school writing center tutors and refocused questions on how their experience as tutors changed in college to gain a new perspective for current tutors to sympathize with.

Lastly, participants discussed their tutoring goals and new applications for tutoring in the real world. Some of the goals the participants had  were to look at the application process for their future college. If the future college did not have a writing center, they would thought of ways to start one. The presenters discussed how the audience could learn about the writing center at their campus and a list of different ways to get involved.

Participants also left with a greater understanding of college writing centers and what to look forward to in the new setting. A small portion of what the participants were looking forward to in the future was getting to meet new people and build new relationships. A large amount of participants looked forward to getting paid for their services. Overall, the attendees were all looking forward to using their tutoring skills in the future.


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