A Guide to Submitting Proposals

Are you considering submitting a proposal to present at SSWCA 2018 Conference, Process and Progress? Below are six excellent sample conference proposals from our 2017 Conference, CAPTA: People, Passion, and Purpose, which was held at George Mason University. You are welcome to review these sample proposals to help you plan your own.

Do you have questions about submitting a proposal? Email Kate Hutton (sswca.board@gmail.com).

Please note: These proposals were submitted for our 2017 conference, People, Passion, and Purpose. Proposals for our 2018 conference should reflect the conference theme of Process and Progress. Submission and evaluation criteria have been updated for our 2018 conference, and therefore, while these proposals are meant to serve as exemplars, those who are submitting proposals for 2018 should carefully review our updated submission guidelines and evaluation rubric.

Sample Snapshot Presentations:

Sample Feature Presentations: 

Sample Panel Presentation Proposal:

Sample Workshop Proposal:

Jenny Goransson, director of the West Springfield Peer Tutoring Center, prepared this brainstorming activity to guide her tutors in writing a conference proposal in advance of the 2015 MAWCA conference.

Before you submit your proposal, we encourage you to review our 2018 SSWCA Conference Proposal Rubric.


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