Conference Scholarships & Fee Waivers Winners

Congratulations Travel Grant Winners + Conference Waiver Recipients!

We were thrilled to receive a record number (59!) of applications for $250 Travel Grants and Director and Tutor Conference Registration Fee Waivers this year. We were able to expand our award offerings for a total of $1,050 granted as follows:

CAPTA 2017 Scholarship and Grant Winners

$250 Travel Grant (2)
Algonquin High School, Northborough, MA
Annandale High School, Annandale, VA

Director Registration Waiver (2)
Casey Eccles, Rustburg High School (VA)
Jenny Goransson, West Springfield High School (VA)

Tutor Registration Waiver (23)
Ethan A., Osbourn High School (VA)
Amber B., IAS-TSRC Vienna (VA)
Erica C., Osbourn High School
Binqi C., Annandale High School (VA)
Aidan F., IAS-TSRC Vienna (VA)
Mady G., IAS-TSRC Vienna (VA)
Adania G., IAS-TSRC Vienna (VA)
Justus H., IAS-TSRC Vienna (VA)
Abigail H., Osbourn High School (VA)
Carolyn L., Annandale High School (VA)
Carrie L., Rustburg High School (VA)
Katelyn L., Rustburg High School (VA)
Amanda L., Annandale High School (VA)
Karla M., Annandale High School (VA)
Suad M., Annandale High School (VA)
Margaret N., West Springfield High School (VA)
James N., Thomas A. Edison High School (VA)
Kaitlyn O., Thomas A. Edison High School (VA)
Galilea S., Annandale High School (VA)
Kathy S., Annandale High School (VA)
Elizabeth T., Osbourn High School (VA)
Kenya T., Osbourn High School (VA)
Jessica W., IAS-TSRC Vienna (VA)