CAPTA 2015 Conference Program

Our 2015 conference, CAPTA Connects, featured 60 tutor-lead presentations for peer tutors and a variety of dynamic workshop sessions for directors and administrators.

For Peer Tutors

The 2015 Conference Schedule for Peer Tutors featured presentations on numerous topics including:

  • Tutoring English Language Learners and Special Education students
  • Building a community within your school’s center
  • Building relationships with school faculty and staff
  • Tutoring strategies for first year tutors

For a detailed look at the sessions offered for peer tutors, download the CAPTA 2015 Student Presentation Program.

For Directors and Administrators

The 2015 Conference Schedule for Adminstrators and Directors featured presentations on a variety of topics, including:

  • Connecting the writing center to your school’s vision and mission
  • Establishing and sustaining writing centers
  • Models for implementing writing centers
  • Administrative support for writing centers
  • Public writing initiatives stemming from writing centers