CAPTA Blog Submission Style Guide

Adapted from “How to Write a Blog Post” Written by Madeleine Boel (2013) for the Edison Writing Center’s Tutor Handbook


We feature many topics on our blog: statistics, reflections, conference recaps, and much more. If you’re writing about a CAPTA Conference presentation, you should include your Prezi*, PowerPoint, and/or any handouts, as well as a synopsis of what you discussed. When you write for the blog, remember to write in the style of a blog post. That means you don’t have to be formal! Let your voice shine through. However, always check your grammar and use appropriate language. Basically, keep the audience of the blog in mind (peer tutors, directors, administrators, and other people interested in the field of peer tutoring).

*If you are submitting a Prezi to the blog, please ensure that you have set the viewing capabilities to “Public.”

Accessing the Blog

CAPTA’s blog is available here:   Posts will also be shared via CAPTA’s Facebook and Twitter.

Submitting a Post to the Blog

Please prepare your post in a Word document and attach it in an email. You may submit a piece in one of two ways:

  1. Respond directly to the “Call for Blog Submissions: CAPTA 2015 Presenters” email you received from CAPTA.
  2. Email: and include “Blog Submission” in the subject line.


Come up with a creative title that informs the audience of what the post will be about and makes them want to read on. If you are submitting a post on your CAPTA 2015 presentation, your title should include the name of your presentation. Always capitalize the first letter of each word. When we post a link to Facebook and Twitter, your title will  published along with a link the post.


Blogs can be written in your personal voice. They should always be grammatically correct and represent your Center well, though! Be creative and interesting. Reading past blog posts will give you an idea of the style to use in your own post. Tips:

  1. Don’t use tabs. Posts should be written in short, journalistic block paragraphs with a space between each paragraph.
  2. Font is Times New Roman, “normal” size.


If you are writing about something that has a website (an article, another blog post, a high school or college, a conference, a writer with a web page, etc.), it is important to always include hyperlinks in your text. Highlight the text you want to link and then click on “Link” in the Menu bar. Copy and paste the URL from the webpage you want to attach, and the text you link should turn blue.


Ideally, every blog post will have an image. If you have taken photos of your school’s center, of yourselves presenting, or of your presentation group, please submit it along with your blog post. Alternatively, you may submit your Writing Center’s logo to be included in the post. Please insert the image into the file you submit as your post.

Byline (Author Photo & Bio)

CAPTA will give the post’s author(s) credit by including his or her first and last name, his or her school, a brief bio, and (if applicable) a photo at the bottom of the post. Please know that some schools do not allow minors’ photos and/or last names to be posted without permission of the student’s parent/guardian. Please check with your director if this applies to your district. If this is the case, please submit your first name and last initial.

Your Bio should include 1-2 sentences. You may choose to include the name of your center, how long you have served as a tutor in your school’s center and (if applicable) how many CAPTA conferences you have attended in the past.

CAPTA’s Posting Schedule

Please note: CAPTA will publish 1-3 posts per week, depending on the volume of submissions we receive. Posts will be published in the order in which they are received.

Questions? Contact CAPTA’s Communications Chair, Kate Hutton (