Why Should You Present at CAPTA 2017?

As a normally shy student, who does not like to volunteer to talk in front of large groups
of people, the idea of submitting a proposal, knowing there is a presentation in front of strangers
in my future, is daunting. However, I decided to present at CAPTA 2016, and recommend that
you do it too. Here’s why:

  1. The chance to present at CAPTA is a opportunity that few students get in high
    school. Successfully presenting at a conference (or maybe a few) is a great
    experience to have before going off to college or getting a job. Also, presenting at
    a conference looks great on college applications and resumés. It shows your
    dedication to your school and writing center, as well as your drive to share your
    ideas and help others.

  2. Usually for school presentations, the topics are not subjects we are passionate
    about; however, at CAPTA you get to talk about something you are interested in.
    As tutors, we enjoy teaching others and are excited to share our knowledge, so
    why not share your knowledge with other people who are just as passionate as
    you are!

  3. Going along with that, at CAPTA, you get to hear great new ideas from other
    schools that you can bring back to your own center. For example, at the
    conference last year, a school suggested that we hang promotional fliers on the
    back of bathroom stall doors where people are forced to look at them. My school
    hadn’t thought of that! We come from new and old writing centers, each having a
    different perspective on problems. The CAPTA conference gives us a place to
    share our different backgrounds and offer solutions to each other’s problems.

  4. There are many of us who dislike public speaking, but the only way to get better
    is to practice. Presenting at CAPTA is a fun way to get your practice in, and since
    you aren’t getting a grade, it alleviates some of the stress that come with school
    presentations. Besides, you will be in a room with tutors who are excited to hear
    what you have to say and want you to do well, so it can’t really be that bad!

I hope this has inspired you to submit a proposal, and we look forward to seeing you at the
conference this year!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at jennycbrent@gmail.com.
Jenny Brent
CAPTA Student Representative
Hayfield Secondary

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