“A Session to Remember” by Edison Writing Center Tutor Sydnee B.

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Today’s featured post originally appeared on the Edison Writing Center’s Blog, “Just Doing the WRITE Thing,” on January 23, 2015. You can read the original post here.
Noah M., another first year tutor, said his most memorable tutoring session was not exactly memorable for its fulfillment, but it is definitely something he will never forget.  One time he sat down with his tutee and the tutee asked to use the bathroom and never came back. Noah was confused and quite disappointed, but at least the session (or rather, a lack of one), gave him a good story to tell the other tutors.During the Tutoring Blitz of 2015, I began to think and reflect on all of my tutoring sessions.  But, as a first year tutor here at Edison, I didn’t have much to reflect on. Still, I decided that one of my most memorable sessions was with a tutee named Robert. He seemed nervous and unsure of himself when we began the session.  Throughout the time I spent with him he opened up and his writing just seemed to flow. I found this so rewarding because I feel like we created a bond and ever since then he has been much more confident with his writing.  Aside from that I was also able to teach him small techniques to improve his writing.

Bruke K., a second year tutor, said that his most memorable tutoring session was frustrating. A while back, he was tutoring an ESL student, and was stumped by the lack of progress being made in the session. Bruke felt a bit helpless because it seemed like he and the tutee were having difficulties understanding each other. The session still sticks out to him because he feels that he wasn’t able to help the student as much as he would have liked. Still, this memorable conference highlights the importance of being flexible and patient when tutoring.

These sessions are just a few memories that we will never forget. Make sure to stop by the EWC and help us make more!

Sydnee B. is a Sophomore and first-year tutor in the Edison Writing Center.

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